On our website we will mainly focus on our flock of mixed breed chickens and chicks!

So I thought I’d do a page for any new comers to meet some of the flock.

Here’s Betty really he’s a boy but we didn’t know that when he hatched and we’ve yet to change his name. We hatched him from our own flock so he is a serama X legbar as pixie is his father .heres 3 facts about him…

  1. He’s the first chick we’ve hatched from our own birds.
  2. He 

And then we’ve got 6 polish frizzle X arucana and speckledy chicks!

One of the white Poland X Arucanas
This Araucana X has cheek muffs a characteristic of a Araucana
Our only Poland X speckledy .
One of the two Poland X Araucanas with frizzle feathers.
The last chick who has frizzle feathers, a head tuft and cheek muffs!

Our chick we hatched last year was a boy. So he, shadow went off to live on a farm.

Shadow was born on the 31st of august😊🐣.

Luna the first chick ever to hatch at theurbanhens!

Maia one of the 4 chicks we brought to keep Luna company…

Lyra, Maias sister…

And a serama shown at the bottom corner and a silkie X shown at the top right corner…

Now all the chicks are grown up and we’ve brought and hatched more!

Sadly nugget died😢

Lyra and pixie from 1 day old to 4 weeks then 9 weeks.

Luna from a egg to hatching then hatched and less then a day old. The top right is her at 1 week through to 4 and then 9 weeks.(we think she’s a boy so her name will be pingu).then Maia from a day old to a week old then 9 weeks old.

When we brought Maia and Lyra with pixie they kindly gave us some eggs wich we hatched out of six we got three, two hatched perfectly but one needed help so my mum cracked and picked at the shell sadly we lost him to coccidossiss.

The first to hatch is this little ginger girl a warren X light Sussex, Maia and Layras half sister. From hatching to hatched less then a day old to a week then 6 weeks old. She is very pretty and I would love to keep her but she may be going to my mums school along with her serama friend.

This is the second to hatch a little white serama who is pixies sister but she’s a smaller serama, her name is princess.

Then the newest bunch the kardashians, Kim,Khloé and kourtney the cream legbar sisters I brought on my birthday when going to charlottes poultry in July. You can read about them in a blog post I wrote only July the 11th. These photos show them at 3 weeks when I got them I will try to get a photo as they’re around 6 weeks old now.Then the older ladies…

heres two of the kardashians at 12 weeks old.

 Beyoncè a buff Orpington…

 And finally pepper our cool dark brahma.
Updated on Tuesday the 2nd of May 2017.

RIP: Rose, Ivy and maisey. Also to the weak chick who we sadly lost and the ones who never hatched. ☄