February update 2018

As the winter morning sun rises it brings hope of a warm spring soon to commence. The chickens have thoroughly enjoyed the sunrise on a frosty day and can be found sunbathing during the morning. Belle preening in the rays of winter sun light.As the days are getting longer we've had a few chickens coming …

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As flat as a pancake

You might wake up on pancake day to find yourself dealing with a different kind of pancake. one that has feathers, a beak and two wings! So what does it mean when your "hen is as flat as a pancake" usually she's broody. Lyra enjoyed her 1st birthday by being as flat as a pancake. …

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3 ways to tell if your pullets are laying eggs

Spring is fast approaching and you may be wondering if your pullets you hatched or purchased last year are beginning to lay or even have started laying their first eggs. The face features become darker This is the most obvious sign of a pullet coming in to lay or laying. Usually cockerels at six weeks …

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Making mince pies for … Chickens?

   usually it's the time when chidlren are cooking up mince pies for Santa and carrots for his deer but during all these festivities your chickens can feel left out so here's a quick, easy recipe that requires no cooking. All you need is: Ingredients  Bread Garlic  powder Dried (or fresh) Herbs Layers mash  Cereals such …

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Molting Madness

As the Autumn leaves fall so do the feathers on chickens. Many chickens molt this time of year which results in your coop looking like some ones emptied a pillow in there. Like dogs and cats chickens will molt. Usually when they reach around 18 month old hens and roosters will moults just before winter …

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Sum up Sunday 10/9/17

What a week! We've rehomed birds and taken in some and managed to put together a play house. The play house was given to us and is perfect to keep the silkies warm on wet cold days so a lick of paint and some felt and it's nearly ready to put them in, we just …

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Sum up Sunday’s 9/7/17

I've not done much this week really. The Heat dosent help with making me want to get up and start doing things but as the phrase says "the show must go on" no mater What the temperature is outside in the sun. And I had a early morning today since I forgot to shut the …

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Sum-up Sundays 25/06/17

Recently I've been writing a lot of educational posts. When I first started theurbanhens it was really just to share experiences that we encounter with our chickens so I thought I'd bring back weekly updates in the form of sum-up Sundays where each Sunday I'll summarise the weeks events and gossip from the coop. Wether …

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Hatching eggs: broody or incubator?

It's summer and hens are going broody and incubators are just calling to be used but which one is the best? Recently we've Been hatching lots of eggs . And it made myself think which ones better? So I've decided to channel my thoughts into a blog post... I'll go over the dis advantages and …

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3 herbs to give to your hens.

I like giving my chickens herbs not only do they love them but it also can improve their health and create a calm environment that smells nice too. Herbs are easy to grow or can be brought from any garden store or even food shop. Lavender is one of the herbs I give to my …

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