February update 2018

As the winter morning sun rises it brings hope of a warm spring soon to commence. The chickens have thoroughly enjoyed the sunrise on a frosty day and can be found sunbathing during the morning. Belle preening in the rays of winter sun light.As the days are getting longer we've had a few chickens coming …

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As flat as a pancake

You might wake up on pancake day to find yourself dealing with a different kind of pancake. one that has feathers, a beak and two wings! So what does it mean when your "hen is as flat as a pancake" usually she's broody. Lyra enjoyed her 1st birthday by being as flat as a pancake. …

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Sum up Sunday 10/9/17

What a week! We've rehomed birds and taken in some and managed to put together a play house. The play house was given to us and is perfect to keep the silkies warm on wet cold days so a lick of paint and some felt and it's nearly ready to put them in, we just …

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Hatching eggs: broody or incubator?

It's summer and hens are going broody and incubators are just calling to be used but which one is the best? Recently we've Been hatching lots of eggs . And it made myself think which ones better? So I've decided to channel my thoughts into a blog post... I'll go over the dis advantages and …

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Easter is coming 

If you follow our Facebook page you will know we sadly lost our pekin bantam Ivy about two weeks ago, now she's up with maisey eating as much corn she likes. From sad news to the fact we've just revived 6 hatching eggs from Kelsa poultry (Facebook page Kelsapoultry) Sarah is really friendly and given …

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Hatching chicks part 2

In this part of hatching chicks we will be talking about setting up your brooder.this is a cage where your chicks will stay from 20hours old to 4-6 weeks old. For a brooder you will need... Brinsea Eco glow chick brooder A cage(we use a Guinea pig cage) Marbels and a small pot Small pot …

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Hatching chicks

Hatching chicks is fun and a great way to start or grow your flock. Although it seems scary once you know what to do you soon feel eggcited about hatching chicks. But what on earth do you need? Incubator (we will be talking about the brinsea mini Eco and brinsea mini advance) Brooder lamp (brinsea …

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Roll on 21 days!

So as you may know I've got my brinsea Eco egg incubator! And now my six new macdonalds farm eggs!  There now in the incubator so roll on the next 21 days!