My chickens diet

The first thing every chicken keeper wants to know is what they can or can't eat after all the key to success is through their diet. Chickens aren't stupid and generally (especially free range) chickens can tell what what is bad for or poisonous. But here are some main features of my chickens diet: Layers …

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Sum-up Sundays 25/06/17

Recently I've been writing a lot of educational posts. When I first started theurbanhens it was really just to share experiences that we encounter with our chickens so I thought I'd bring back weekly updates in the form of sum-up Sundays where each Sunday I'll summarise the weeks events and gossip from the coop. Wether …

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3 herbs to give to your hens.

I like giving my chickens herbs not only do they love them but it also can improve their health and create a calm environment that smells nice too. Herbs are easy to grow or can be brought from any garden store or even food shop. Lavender is one of the herbs I give to my …

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