Hatching eggs: broody or incubator?

It’s summer and hens are going broody and incubators are just calling to be used but which one is the best? Recently we’ve Been hatching lots of eggs . And it made myself think which ones better? So I’ve decided to channel my thoughts into a blog post… I’ll go over the dis advantages and advantages of both and then I’ll come to a conclusion.

Broody hen


  1. No need to check humidity, egg turning and temperatures the broody hen will do it all herself.
  2. She’s Eco friendly too: no power needed just food, water and a shelter- she will even give you nice big smelly broody poos for the compost big too.
  3. It’s much more natural for the chicks they can learn to be a proper chicken.
  4. The mum will teach them to drink and eat.


    1. You will need to move her into her own coop even when she’s incubating eggs.
    2. She may leave the eggs especially is she’s a first time mum.
    3. She may break eggs while incubating them.



    1. Accurate hatching times as with a hen she gets off to eat drink etc. They might take a couple of days longer.
    2. You get to experience up close a chick hatching.
    3. You can candle the eggs easily (as with a hen she will peck your hand off!) to make sure you have no nasty eggs that may effect the growing embryos.


    1. Once they’ve hatched you need to put them in brooder which needs regularly cleaning out and needs to be inside a Warm room.
    2. You need to regularly dip the chicks beaks in the drinker so they know where the food is, with a broody she will, teach them this herself.


    Both! We’ve found its better to incubate the eggs your self then brood them under a hen. You will get better hatch results with a good incubator especially if the hens a first time mum. As you might of picked up with the advantages and disadvantages that with the broody hen her advantages were mostly once the eggs have hatched and her disadvantages were when she was incubating the eggs the Opposite goes for a incubator. You’ll find that there’s nothing better than seeing a chick hatch and then for a affectionate mother hen raise it. 

    So how do you go about doing so firstly once your hen goes broody start to incubate the eggs (I’ve got a two part blog on incubating eggs ) then once they’ve all hatched wait for darkness outside then pop the chicks under the hen in her broody coop. (I also have a blog on caring for chicks) she should take to the chicks straight away when morning comes. Don’t disturb her to much. Leave her to it after all mumma hen knows best.

    The beautiful bond between a mother hen and her chick.


    We want babies!

    A lot has been Happening  such as looking online for plastic houses such as Omlet Eglus and second hand green frog arks we nearly bidded on a eglu classic but didn’t… We searched the village where is was and it came up on google maps that it was only around 20 mutinets away, and no one was bidding with only 2 hours left! So I quickly scanned the description and it said *the village name* nr Wales  so I returned to google maps and it turns out it’s a village in Wales on the complete other side of England! We’ve been looking for a house because the 2nd load of chicks also need a house as they’ve only been going out side in a little run in the day and returning to the cage indoors at night. Also the 1st flock of chicks need a home, we’re looking for a ideally 10 but realistically a 6-7 bird plastic coop for around £150. We will join Luna, pixie,Lyra and Maia with Kim,kourtney and klohé as two of the other chicks are living at a school where my mum works and one of thems a boy and unlike Luna who we think is a cockerel and pixie hes not staying sadly as we are already hoping to keep pixie and Luna let alone any others and even they may be rehomed so note to self pixie and Luna: be friendly and kind to your ladies and crow not as loud as beyonces laying announcement or she won’t be happy!😂

    But at the moment boys you’re okay because beyonces too busy being… BROODY.AGAIN! Along with the help of pepper they’ve been stashing away eggs, I think they want babies.

    Our plans are coming together for a larger run. Knocking down the garden shed, installing a new one to make way for a 24 square meter run and a new hen house, were totally not chicken crazy!

    Also to the viewer in Canada hello and welcome to theurbanhens I hope you enjoy the posts and updates!😊

    Fly high nugget 4th June 2016-22nd July 2016 

    Broody Beyoncè 

    Pure breeds especially brahmas,pekins,orpingtons and silkies. Every year Beyoncè goes broody sometimes pepper too. This year Beyoncè is broody!!! Really early in the season too!!! I think she herd me when I was at morrisons saying “if one of the hens goes broody can we hatch some eggs?” Then I came home to a grumpy faced Beyoncè on her three eggs she had laid. So when I was back down the town I got some Clarence court eggs from the supermarket. I know it’s from a farm where there aren’t any cockerels but a boy maneged to hatch a legbar egg from Clarence court and many people hatch Clarence court duck eggs. Also I love the legbars blue shells! My Nan was telling me how at a farm where her husband works they produce brown eggs on a large scale for supermarkets and within the many hens there was a cockerel roaming around there for a year as it wasn’t sexed at the hatchery.

    clarence court legbar eggs

    lovely blue shells
    old cotswold legbar from clarence court

    I hope to purchase some eggs from south Yeo farm too.

    I hope you enjoyed this blog if you did and you haven’t read our other blogs why not?

    Thankyou for reading😄