February update 2018

As the winter morning sun rises it brings hope of a warm spring soon to commence. The chickens have thoroughly enjoyed the sunrise on a frosty day and can be found sunbathing during the morning. Belle preening in the rays of winter sun light.As the days are getting longer we've had a few chickens coming …

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Installing the omlet feeders

Today I decided to put the omlet feeders to good use. I got them for Christmas in the year 2016 but haven't used them along with other bits and pieces of the cube run since we modified it for Lyra when she went broody. Lyra brooding her chicks in the eglu go with a modified …

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My chickens diet

The first thing every chicken keeper wants to know is what they can or can't eat after all the key to success is through their diet. Chickens aren't stupid and generally (especially free range) chickens can tell what what is bad for or poisonous. But here are some main features of my chickens diet: Layers …

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Making mince pies for … Chickens?

   usually it's the time when chidlren are cooking up mince pies for Santa and carrots for his deer but during all these festivities your chickens can feel left out so here's a quick, easy recipe that requires no cooking. All you need is: Ingredients  Bread Garlic  powder Dried (or fresh) Herbs Layers mash  Cereals such …

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I’m back! And with gift ideas!

finally I'm back on WordPress after my iPad practically broke I wasn't able to accsess WordPress anyway I remembered my password out of the blue and have a managed to log in so here's a blog post just in time before Christmas!                            …

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Integrating new flock members.

Chicken math hits you again, you've got a flock who get on as happy as Larry and now all hell breaks loose because you've added new members. The thought of sharing the coop with the newbies leaves your hens distraught. They have no other choice but to attack so here's 6 steps to help your …

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Our hens are happy in their run and whenever I get the chance I let them out into the garden to have a dust bathe and just generally enjoy themselves while destroying the garden in the process! But it's important to keep your birds wether it be chickens, quail or any other poultry occupied. If …

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