– Birds and eggs for sale

This page is created to advertise any birds (quail + chicken)  we have reared or bred that are for sale. We can rear small amounts of birds ready for your backgarden, allotment or small holding. We have reared our own birds and have experience in raising them for heatlthy happy hens and cockerels. We hatch eggs from breeders we trust that share the same values as us aswell as hatching mixed breed chicks from our flock we can raise these chicks to off heat -usually around 4 weeks old- to point of lay -around 20 weeks old- and anywhere in between! Prices depend on both breed, age and sex. We also may ask that you buy a minimum of say two older birds or three young chicks just because it makes the birds feel more comfatble.

Avalible now – hatching eggs lovely mixed and cross breeds £1 for 6. Serama father over friendly hens who lay lots of eggs.

Coming soon – we should hopefully have a few Araucana X polish frizzle birds and some serama cross breeds avalible around Late September maybe even some hybrid goldlines , although I shall update this earlier to the time 🙂

One of the Polish Xs with frizzle feathers a head crest and hopefully should lay a blue egg due to the Araucana genes from the mother.