Birds and eggs for sale

This page is created to advertise any birds (quail + chicken)  we have reared or bred that are for sale. We can rear small amounts of birds ready for your backgarden, allotment or small holding. We have reared our own birds and have experience in raising them for heatlthy happy hens and cockerels. We hatch eggs from breeders we trust that share the same valuesd as us aswell as hatching mixed breed chicks from our flock we can raise these chicks to off heat -usually around 4 weeks old- to point 0of lay -around 20 weeks old- and anywhere  in between! Prices depend on both breed, age and sex. We also may ask that you  buy a minimum of say two older birds or three young chicks just because it makes the birds feel more comfatble. Please see what breeds we may have available in 2018:

We’ve got blue mottled and black mottled pekin bantams due to hatch on the 7th of May 2018 and these will be available from late June onwards. So email me if interested and I’ll keep you in mind.

Pekin bantams make great pets and although small have big personalities and can lay over 150 to 200 eggs per year. These bantams make little mess to the garden as their feathered feet make it harder for them to dig so they happily potter around the flower beds. Pekin bantams quite often go broody and will happily raise a gosling even though it will outgrow them in a matter of weeks, overall Pekin bantams are an all round good bird.

“Thanks for giving us the opportunity! They’re lovely chicks.”~ from a customer who purchased eleven quail chicks from us in 2017.