Scaly leg mites

Over the course of the past month I've been treating my serama hen princess against scaly leg mites. Although it was a simple treatment as I said it did take roughly a month to improve but I'll talk about the whole process here. Cnemidocoptes Mutans are a parasite known as scaly leg mite and as …

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Surviving snow with chickens

Over the past few days England has been battling the "Beast from the east" but more so the hens are battling the snow. Its typical as in my February blog I said how the days were getting a tad warmer yet now we're facing snow. So here's a few tips on surviving snow with chickens. …

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February update 2018

As the winter morning sun rises it brings hope of a warm spring soon to commence. The chickens have thoroughly enjoyed the sunrise on a frosty day and can be found sunbathing during the morning. Belle preening in the rays of winter sun light.As the days are getting longer we've had a few chickens coming …

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All about egg binding

Hens can get eggs stuck inside their vent this is referred to as egg binding or egg bound. If not treated within a couple of days the hen may die therefore poultry keeper have to perform a procedure to successfully pass the egg if they don't have access to a vet. Sometimes young egg layers …

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As flat as a pancake

You might wake up on pancake day to find yourself dealing with a different kind of pancake. one that has feathers, a beak and two wings! So what does it mean when your "hen is as flat as a pancake" usually she's broody. Lyra enjoyed her 1st birthday by being as flat as a pancake. …

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Installing the omlet feeders

Today I decided to put the omlet feeders to good use. I got them for Christmas in the year 2016 but haven't used them along with other bits and pieces of the cube run since we modified it for Lyra when she went broody. Lyra brooding her chicks in the eglu go with a modified …

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3 ways to tell if your pullets are laying eggs

Spring is fast approaching and you may be wondering if your pullets you hatched or purchased last year are beginning to lay or even have started laying their first eggs. The face features become darker This is the most obvious sign of a pullet coming in to lay or laying. Usually cockerels at six weeks …

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January update 2018

Winter slowly winds down into spring but still there is no sign of yellow daffodils or the humming of bees but snuggled away in the playhouse coop sits gremlin as she lays her first egg! During this month she's laid roughly 12 eggs but unlike a usual silkie she's not broody yet but I'm secretly …

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Lighting your chicken coop

Eggs may decrease during winter this maybe because they are moulting or because their hormones are naturally stopping them from laying throughout winter. Hens need daylight to produce lots of eggs because the light simulates their endocrine which gets all their glands working inside their ovaries but a young flock of birds can easily lay …

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My chickens diet

The first thing every chicken keeper wants to know is what they can or can't eat after all the key to success is through their diet. Chickens aren't stupid and generally (especially free range) chickens can tell what what is bad for or poisonous. But here are some main features of my chickens diet: Layers …

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