Maisey and pepper

Hello and welcome to theurbanhens website. We keep chickens and quail also Guinea pigs and our oldest friend freeda the tortoise but in this website our main focus is chickens. We started keeping chickens in our town garden in May 2011 with three warren egg laying chickens since we have had a hand full of houses and many many chickens and a young rooster. We first decided to keep chickens with inspiration from a friend and now we would like to spread our knowledge to other people.so that’s why we have decided to create our website. Hopefully we will be able to write blog posts monthly on keeping chickens.

So far our flock consists of  maisey a black Orpington who is top  of the Pecking order, Beyoncè a buff Orpington the diva,sweet little pepper our dark brahma. Our newest members the two pekins! Six quail Yoko, tokyo, noodles, bonsia, kimono and sushi. The little piggies elvis, quaver also teddy. Freeda the fourty+ year old  tortoise. And not forgetting Bailey and Toby the little terriers!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jo Sales

    Hi, I left you a message on Instagram the other day about Burford Browns, it would be great to keep in touch and I’ll happily share my knowledge of the breed and hybrids 😃

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