Hello and welcome to theurbanhens. I’m Reed and I’ve kept chickens since May 2011 since that time I must of kept 50+ birds and we’ve seen it all from mite and lice infestations, to poorly hens but we’ve also had many good times such as Hatching our fist chick with many more to come! We’ve also visited lots of breeders and events like the chicken keepers constorium. So I thought I’d bundle all things poultry into a website and blog capturing all aspects a keeper has to deal with. When we got chickens we learnt the do’s and the dont’s from a breeder and a friend who had kept chickens for some time now we want to spread the knowledge we were given to “wannabe” chicken keepers, new, novice chicken parents and even expert poultry breeders. We also want to learn from you too so leave a comment down below have you kept chickens, how long for? do like the idea of owning them or just want fresh eggs in the morning?