Five tips to keep your quail safe

I’ve heard many stories where peoples pet quail have been killed by rodents such as rats. So in this blog post I’ll be talking about keeping your Quail safe by building a secure run…

  1. Use a strong galvanised mesh around your run The holes should be no bigger than 4 cm² to prevent any rats squeezing through but small mice May still be able to access inside of the run although these may spread mites and lice they shouldn’t harm your adult quail (seehere on mites and lice). 
  2. Place Stones or paving slabs around the perimeter of the quails enclosure to try and keep any predators digging down into the coop you could even put mesh underneath the rockery and underneath the soil in the run. although our quail have just rocks around the inside and outside perimeter of their enclosure and we have not (Touch wood) had any rodent attacks on our birds.
  3. Raise up the Coop on legs as a bid to prevent rodents climbing up into the quails house but still, Again our Quailrun is on the ground and we have not had any attacks.
  4. Simple husbandry such as making sure there is no leftover food in the enclosure overnight or around the enclosure that may attract rats into the keep this also counts as making sure there is no smells that may attract the rodents so regular cleaning is obviously useful you should also check around the enclosure daily to check there is no breakages or attempted attacks such as scratches and bite marks on the wooden frame of your Coop or any holes around the perimeter.
  5. Traps or poultry safe poison to me should only be used as a last resort as I believe in prevention and humane ways of dealing with things. 

I hope this helps you to either modify or build a safer how’s your quail, If you have any tips on keeping yours quail safe then please feel free to comment on them below.

The lady who brought the quail chicks this summer has built them safe ark style house with a wire bottom.


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