Molting Madness

As the Autumn leaves fall so do the feathers on chickens. Many chickens molt this time of year which results in your coop looking like some ones emptied a pillow in there. Like dogs and cats chickens will molt. Usually when they reach around 18 month old hens and roosters will moults just before winter …

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Sum up Sunday 24/9/17

This week I've been updated on how birds + eggs we've sold are getting on... The quail hAve grown loads. And from some hatching eggs we sold they now have a cockerel with a great personality who loves attention just like his  father pixie. Both customers are thinking of getting more quail from us soon! 

Preparing for bird flu

There  is a constant threat of a bird flu out break. But in the U.K it is more likely to break out in the winter since birds are migrating to England for winter. So we should always be careful and aware of avian influenza. Here are some tips to prevent your flock being affected by …

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Sum up Sunday 10/9/17

What a week! We've rehomed birds and taken in some and managed to put together a play house. The play house was given to us and is perfect to keep the silkies warm on wet cold days so a lick of paint and some felt and it's nearly ready to put them in, we just …

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