Easter is coming 

If you follow our Facebook page you will know we sadly lost our pekin bantam Ivy about two weeks ago, now she’s up with maisey eating as much corn she likes. From sad news to the fact we’ve just revived 6 hatching eggs from Kelsa poultry (Facebook page Kelsapoultry) Sarah is really friendly and given us advice on the incubation, I was able to choose 2 blue/splash, 2 Lemon/ barred Lemmon and 2 millefleur pekin bantam eggs I’ve also collected roses egg and what I think is two of the Kardashians eggs as one of them was mated with a few days ago. As I’m writing this it’s the 22nd so they need 24 hours pointy end down to settle the eggs so they will be in the Incy tommorow afternoon and then Friday afternoon I’ll turn them for the first time then three times a day until the morning of Monday the 10th after then lockdown until the eggs hatch! Yep it’s all on a table in my chicken calendar.

One of the fathers of the splash/blue eggs.


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