Shadow needs rehoming

If you have  followed our blog for a while you will know that we have been hand rearing a pure-breed copper Marans chick who is named Shadow, brought as a dark brown egg at a market we placed it in the incubator in hope one would hatch and it did! But only one, so we …

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Wintering quail on a urban scale.

We have six egg laying female quail who live in our back garden, they like to dust bathe and hide in the straw playing chase on the warm summer months but when winter encroaches the quail need some slight changes in their care. Originally quail would fly over to Africa for winter, yes you heard …

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Happy new year!

So it's been awhile since I've updated I think since way before Christmas, now it's the new year so happy new year! Just a update for you if you haven't seen on Facebook that our birds also got Xmas pressies too, a eglu cube for the Chicks we hatched out this ye..... Last year. And …

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