Pixie says hi

Pixie the little roo at the top of his voice says hi to all our viewers, he would also say thankyou but his voice would break by then so I’ll say thankyou for him. We are grateful that your following the hens and quail on their journey especially pingu aka Luna from egg to moody teenager, we’ve even managed to spread to different countries such as USA where a handful of people have read our blogs, I’m sure our chooks would be happy to join the viewers in Canada maybe not in the harsh winter! And Australia the other side of the world we hope you enjoy reading the blogs to, South Africa maybe the birds could come and have a holiday at yours I’m sure they’ll prefere it to rainy britian and finnaly Barbados! In the Caribbean islands where the beutiful brahma originated from and extra special hello from pepper.
Thankyou again for reading the blogs and following us on the journey, please feel free to share pictures of your birds,dogs,tortoises,Guinea pigs and even fish or any other amazing and cute pets you own.
From pepper, Beyoncé, shadow, Autumn, princess, pixie, Ivy, rose, Maia, Lyra, pingu, Khloé, kourtney, Kim, bonsai, sushi, kimono, Tokyo, yoko, noodles, Toby, Bailey, freeda, elvis, teddy, quaver, spotty, stripey, peach.


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