As iam writing this all the leaves are gently falling to the ground leaving bare branches but some trees are full with bright reds from berries ready to be eaten by the migrating birds yes; it’s Autumn.

We’ve started the October months with mud, rainfall and mud. So much that I’ve been digging trenches in the run and laying down hay. Each morning as I go out to wake the birds up there’s fog, dew and spiders webs covering the ground and black birds nibbling the fallen apples. Iam having to wear wellies and a big puffy coat to keep myself warm.

There’s been good news and bad news, firstly the good news…

The hen pictured above is Maia and lyras 3 week younger half sister. She’s been known as ” the ginger one” now she’s called Autumn, her gorgeous orange feathers remind me of the Autumn leaves. If you want to know she’s a light Sussex X warren hybrid.

Now for bad news…

The serama chick that was hatched along with Autumn also known as “pixies little sister” is a micro serama, she could still be pixies full sister because apparently it’s in the genes all of a sudden out of all your seramas you could have a micro! It’s cute but she’ll never lay eggs and unlikely to breed and you probably wouldn’t want to breed micros and here’s why because they can live for upto 1 year, if you’re lucky😢.

Now to leave on a high here’s some more good news…

I’ve been rearing shadow for I think 6 weeks he’s deffinetly a cockerel and I’ve been slowly inter grating him into the flock because we’ve got two older males. For a few days he’s been in a run away from the coops but I’ve been putting him in the eglu at night with maisey, pepper, beyonce and sometimes Autumn but today he’s in a small run in the larger run. This morning I did let him out with out the younger birds I’ve hatched running about, Ivy started on him but he fought back than ran away, next Autumn pecked him a few times and Rose warned him off. As I’ve said he’s in a run now and mainly Luna/pingu the cockerel and Lyra have been pecking him and flapping their wings. Pixie the more domminant cockerel dosent mind . Beyonce is chasing Lyra and Luna/pingu when they try to attack shadow, beyonce also lest pixies little sister sleep under her wing if she’s in the eglu. She’s always trying to be a mum brooding eggs and looking out for the younger birds.

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