Teenagers becoming adults and adults becoming elderly

On the 4th of June we welcomed Luna onto the world, she was a chick from the eggs we hatched from new macdonalds farm. Now she’s a big cockerel and is nearing maturity along with her pullet friends Maia and lyra and his “brother” pixie who’s all ready getting to business with Khloé😂. Exactly 16 weeks ago today she was born! I know Iam repeating myself but I can’t believe how quick they’ve grown! In around 3-6 weeks they’ll be laying eggs (hopefully if the days light dosent fade to quickly!), pixie and Luna/pingu are definitely filled up with testosterone squarking at the crack of dawn as they’re voice breaks😂.

But in sadder news two of the quail seem unwell, they’re staying in the house not darting back and forth attacking the sweet corn like seagulls at Skegness, so we researched it and quail tend to  live 2 years, 3 at the max apparently. It’s sad but for new life to be created old life must leave but still, who knows they maybe with us for years to come!


Newest member of the poultry family!

So as you may know we’ve been incubating eggs under both rose and Ivy and in the brinsea well on day 22 of incubation this little fluffy leged bundle of fluff hatched and although we probably will be saying good bye to her when she’s older I am calling her Shadow.

We waited hoping for a friend to hatch but none did. It’s now day 23 so we cracked them open one had died roughly around day 18 another died before it even developed a bean sized body and the last was infertile. The broody eggs neither hatched so we tried to get rose and Ivy to adopt her sadly Ivy attacked her, well to hard pecks sending her flying so we left rose and Ivy and just stood holding the chick to beyonce and Luna/pingu so she can see what she is😊. When she gets to 1 week I’ll start taking her on trips to see the other chicks but for now she’s happy running around my room following my every step☺️. I’d love to get her a friend like we did Luna but Iam afraid my mum won’t let me as it’s costing too much to feed them, she’s already talking about selling the kardashians and pixies little sister!😔I accept we incubated this batch to grow and sell them at the market but when there’s one of them they bond with you like your their parent and I know it will be hard rehoming her when the time comes😢, and I’ve made it worse for myself by naming her!, shadow😊.

(This was written a week ago!)