Iam back!

Iam back👋🏻 I said “I’ll write on this week end, maybe next Monday. No next Thursday or maybe the weekend after that!” Basically I’ve been meaning to write about all the wonderfull things but I keep on forgetting or just too tired in the heat of summer. Any way here’s a update!

I don’t know if I’ve already told you but Ivy’s been broody and as I had some eggs in the incubator I thought I’d Pop one or two under her. The eggs were the marrans I brought at the market and had been in the incubator a week. In the morning I checked to see if she was still broody, of course! She was sitting in the corner fluffed up with a handful of her little white eggs tucked safely under her tummy with a odd large egg… Peppers who occasionally prefers to lay in the ark. Luckily for me she waddled of the nest shaking her fluffy bottom side to side wich meant I could reach in and take her eggs without being attacked😆. I left two in case she dicided to return and then I ran upstairs to collect two of the fertile growing eggs, we know this because the night before we candles them and marked growing eggs with a blue spot. Out of the eggs 4 were growing, one had a weird air sack/ bright splodge to one side and one is just completely empty. I rolled the eggs under her using a stick and then left her to it; simple.

Or so it seems…. The next couple days were okay she was sitting tight and coming out for a drink and food until one day one of the eggs was left on its one while she sat on the other! It was cold so it was quickly returned under her, hopefully it will survive. But we will have to wait and see.

And finally I’d just like to give you a update on little pixie who is most definitely a boy!

 He’s now got larger tail feathers which have grown within about, three days!  and when I Go to pick him up he stands on his tipy toes streaching his neck I read up on it and apparently they are quite feisty but I guess you have to be if your the smallest of the bunch. Him and Luna/pingu have all ready started practicing their crows (with help from beyonce when she lets the neighbours know she’s laying ) but they start around 8 so most of the neighbours are up before then.

I hope you enjoyed this blog😊


RIP Little chick

Sadly today this little chick died, after searching I found out he had coccidiosis which occurs in younger birds when growing. When these chicks were 4 weeks old we discovered blood in the droppings. We were told to give them yogurt it stopped and we were all alright. But today I saw him falling asleep in the corner not really moving. I put a water bowl in front of him but he didn’t drink so I held it to his beak he didn’t eat either which is unusual for the little chicks who are always eating. When I returned to the pen with my mum he was dead. I scrubbed all the coops down with water, then I returned inside to google it and all the symptoms where there:Not really drinking or eating

Sitting in one area not running around as usual

And blood in the dropping (which started and stopped weeks ago) . It happens quick! Yesterday running around chirping with his friends hiding under the coops and jumping up on the roofs to becoming tired, pale and loosing his appetite. The only unusual thing I noticed yesterday was when he flew up onto the hutch he lost his balance whilst flapping to hold on he was sick(a watery liquid came out his mouth) but I read up on it and when they drink and get exited or jump about they can regurgitate it, although it can be other things such as internal parasites for such a healthy happy bird I doubted it would be anything other and with the added fact I’d just filled the drinkers up. 
We are going to get medication and separate the younger birds and clean more than we do before.
RIP little chick😢

We want babies!

A lot has been Happening  such as looking online for plastic houses such as Omlet Eglus and second hand green frog arks we nearly bidded on a eglu classic but didn’t… We searched the village where is was and it came up on google maps that it was only around 20 mutinets away, and no one was bidding with only 2 hours left! So I quickly scanned the description and it said *the village name* nr Wales  so I returned to google maps and it turns out it’s a village in Wales on the complete other side of England! We’ve been looking for a house because the 2nd load of chicks also need a house as they’ve only been going out side in a little run in the day and returning to the cage indoors at night. Also the 1st flock of chicks need a home, we’re looking for a ideally 10 but realistically a 6-7 bird plastic coop for around £150. We will join Luna, pixie,Lyra and Maia with Kim,kourtney and klohé as two of the other chicks are living at a school where my mum works and one of thems a boy and unlike Luna who we think is a cockerel and pixie hes not staying sadly as we are already hoping to keep pixie and Luna let alone any others and even they may be rehomed so note to self pixie and Luna: be friendly and kind to your ladies and crow not as loud as beyonces laying announcement or she won’t be happy!😂

But at the moment boys you’re okay because beyonces too busy being… BROODY.AGAIN! Along with the help of pepper they’ve been stashing away eggs, I think they want babies.

Our plans are coming together for a larger run. Knocking down the garden shed, installing a new one to make way for a 24 square meter run and a new hen house, were totally not chicken crazy!

Also to the viewer in Canada hello and welcome to theurbanhens I hope you enjoy the posts and updates!😊

Fly high nugget 4th June 2016-22nd July 2016