3+2+1+4+3…..+3 wait +3 

This is a blog on how 3 became 16! So our first blog was when we welcomed ivy and rose to our existing flock beyonce, maisey and pepper. Then we divided to buy a incubator and hatch some chicks so then popedLuna from the new macdonalds farm egg wich was amazing and successful for a first try; but only Luna hatched so we divided to visit a local poultry breeder and pick up 4 day old chicks wich now have moved outside. The breeder divided to give me some eggs to try again and see if we get a better hatch so we set 6 eggs and 21 days later 3 chicks hatched out on a early Monday morning wich was a convenient time because I was ill and could experience the first moments of life. And today on the 10th of July it was my birthday so me and the couldn’t care less about chickens family apart from dad and mum! As maddy my sister would rather have them at mc donalds headed for a 3 hour car journey from Lincolnshire to charlottes poultry in chippingham near Bristol we had a look at all the poultry and chicks we were even met by a friendly black Labrador. We were allowed to go in the pen and have a look at the extensive range of hybrids they had and I fell in love with a blue hill crest ranger a blue egg laying bird with a crest and tail like a leghorn but I had my mind on some bantam eggs from the range of pure breeds we entered the quiz and got a singed free book signed by Charlotte with a birthday message and a free pen! On the way out in the egg and rearing shed I spotted a cage of sexed legbars at 1 week of age for only £7:50 so that was what I wanted we packed the three girls up said our fare wells and sat down ready for the journey a head… To skip a long story short we visited my granddad and then went for a meal at I hate to say MC DONALDS then said good bye again, we then traveled for a hour then were stopped in traffic waiting for a closed road to open! Wich took a hour then we drove up the road and another traffic jam! Half an hour till we were moving 10 meters without stopping finally a hour later the three girls Khloe, kourtney and Kim ( theKardashians ) were home and snuggled under the brooder with their new friends the other young chicks we hatched…



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