Newest arrivals!

So if you’ve seen our face book uploads you’ll see over the last days we’ve been preparing for 3 eggs that we’re going to hatch and today between 11 and 5 o clock They did! So first thing this morning on day 22 of incubation I was awoken to “they’re hatching they’re hatching so I quickly jumped out of bed and in the incubator two eggs had pipped (a fun name for cracked)! So I waited And waited over hours of pecking and kicking and then a final push and one was out! a little(but big compared to the serama) yellow chick was out and moving around rubbing the over eggs to “egg them on”then as some hours rolled past the serama who was slow at the start broke its way through and it was tiny any one would mistake it for a baby dove! And then the large pink egg hadn’t make much progress it had a small crack but wasn’t pecking or kicking the shell so we got the egg out and hand picked the chick out there was blood but now she/he’s fine.

And also I have already cleaned out the incubator ready for 11 quails eggs tomorrow!😆
Don’t forget for updates like our face book page Theurbanhens .


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