Cheeky chooks

Just look at rose and ivy in the big girls house,cheeky chooks! It’s reliving everybody’s getting on and I can leave them from 8am to 4pm with out a worry beyonce will be, well beyonce. But it’s only a few pecks to the back if any ones in the way.

Let me just say if you start to incubate and hatch chicks it’s hard to stop! It’s got my mind going on all ways of how I can use my incubator effectively, like a hatchery (be prepared for a load of dream chatter because of my chicken obbsesion😂) 

Picture this….

A customer orders some chicks then I buy eggs from a place we trust and know are good quality (I would buy 4 more than ordered due to infertility,broken in postage etc and also if sex linked double amount wanted due to males) then I incubate eggs from a set of orders each month and in 3 weeks the customer collects😊

Obviously there are faults such as bad hatch rates and male:female ratio but it’s worth a try, I may need a bigger incubator though☺️.


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