Luna is very much the  cheekiest, bossiest and cutest chick in the world. And she knows it! She can never be left out all the attention is on her and that’s why she’s Sooo cute! 

Lyra and Maia our other cuties watching on and the little fluffy serama also watching Luna show of and soon they Began to learn first to test was Lyra and she quite liked it but soon flew down and this morning the serama took a leap of faith and also succeeded but decided heights were not for her and straight away jumped back down.

All the five big girls have been spending the week days altogether 

But pepper is very poorly and cannot walk she tries to balance with her wing but fails, all we can do is treat her and hope she gets better😔.

But on a higher note some eggs I got given when I collected lunas friend are growing in the incubator! So more chicks on the way!


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