We have friends!

According to my stats we have 2 people reading from the USA and one from Australia! So say hello if you’re reading this even if your in England.

Anyway Luna the only chick to hatch has now got four friends, sadly one of the eggs had a chick(as we thought) but died due to a dislodged air sack probably caused when being transported in the post the others had messy yolks proaly also caused in the post. This ment the embryo was un able to grow, but still we have Luna cute, friendly ,black and white ,tame little chick! And now we have 4 more. Bringing our chicken total to 10!  Oh and the 3 large chicks have names Luna (our one we hatched)her name in Greek means moon,Lyra the black and white that we brought her name in Greek is a small constellation of starts and then the White arucana X light Sussex is called Maia wich is the name of a giant star in Latin.

maia at the back right then lyra next to her then the little serama and the silkie x and then our cutie luna poping up at the front.
the little white serama chick
the light sussex x called lyra
the arucana x light sussex called maia


this is luna our chick we hatched from the leghorn egg her father could be a olive egger
When I brought the chicks they showed us the parents of the chicks we would buy we were followed buy two tame Guinea fowl pecking our feet it was quite humourous. Then we went into the room with all the chicks and they picked out the female day olds by feather sexing it’s not 100% but it’s better than nothing. When I chose the chicks we talked for a while and they decided to give me 3 serama hatching eggs and 3 random hybrid X light Sussex eggs soon I’ll be over run with chicks and hens but I will sell any chicks that hatch from these.

Thankyou for reading please feel free to ask questions 🙂


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