Hatching chicks part 2

In this part of hatching chicks we will be talking about setting up your brooder.this is a cage where your chicks will stay from 20hours old to 4-6 weeks old. For a brooder you will need…

  • Brinsea Eco glow chick brooder
  • A cage(we use a Guinea pig cage)
  • Marbels and a small pot
  • Small pot
  • Chick crumbs to grower pellets
  • Sawdust

First fill a layer of saw dust in the cage then plug the brooder into the plug socket and lead then place it in the corner with the back facing a pot of water near by nearer than the feed but as the chicks become stronger move it slowly further away. To prevent the chick drowning add some marbles into the pot also when placing the chick in the brooder dip the beak in the water and place them gently under the lamp. Feed the chicks on chick crumbs until 8 weeks of age sometimes chicks will not really get an appetite till 4 days of age so don’t worry if they aren’t eating much!Depending on weather and how feathered the chick are they are able to be put out side at 4-6 weeks of age. once the chick is older than 8 weeks change the feed to growers pellets or mash then onto layers pellets or mash at 18-20 weeks of age (just before they begin to lay). And that’s how you care for your chicks 🙂.


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