Newest arrivals!

So if you've seen our face book uploads you'll see over the last days we've been preparing for 3 eggs that we're going to hatch and today between 11 and 5 o clock They did! So first thing this morning on day 22 of incubation I was awoken to "they're hatching they're hatching so I …

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Cheeky chooks

Just look at rose and ivy in the big girls house,cheeky chooks! It's reliving everybody's getting on and I can leave them from 8am to 4pm with out a worry beyonce will be, well beyonce. But it's only a few pecks to the back if any ones in the way. Let me just say if …

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Luna is very much the  cheekiest, bossiest and cutest chick in the world. And she knows it! She can never be left out all the attention is on her and that's why she's Sooo cute!  Lyra and Maia our other cuties watching on and the little fluffy serama also watching Luna show of and soon …

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Have I got space?

With all these chicks we now have 10 hens!but will I have enough space? I recommend 1 and a half square meters per bird. So my run at the moment is 9 then a extension adding on 14 square meters means 23meters squared so I recon around 14hens would be fine which means room for …

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We have friends!

According to my stats we have 2 people reading from the USA and one from Australia! So say hello if you're reading this even if your in England. Anyway Luna the only chick to hatch has now got four friends, sadly one of the eggs had a chick(as we thought) but died due to a …

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Hatching chicks part 2

In this part of hatching chicks we will be talking about setting up your brooder.this is a cage where your chicks will stay from 20hours old to 4-6 weeks old. For a brooder you will need... Brinsea Eco glow chick brooder A cage(we use a Guinea pig cage) Marbels and a small pot Small pot …

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Our first chick

Today we welcomed a new member to the family a little black leghorn X Easter egger (probably) she/he started yesterday and hatched this morning.she/he's very wobbly and cute also extremely inquisitive.


Hatching chicks

Hatching chicks is fun and a great way to start or grow your flock. Although it seems scary once you know what to do you soon feel eggcited about hatching chicks. But what on earth do you need? Incubator (we will be talking about the brinsea mini Eco and brinsea mini advance) Brooder lamp (brinsea …

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