A good egg

Only 7 to 8 days now until our eggs should hatch we’ve candled twice and can see veins and a large dark shaded part where the veins Come from. We believe at least three are fertile and growing and the other we are unsure we can’t be completely correct as we are only using a i ❤️ Leon souvenir key ring torch😂. At least the Fenton blue and black leghorn egg are looking as if they will hatch as there my favourite!

Keep updated especially in the next 5 then 7-8 days!


Roll on 21 days!

So as you may know I’ve got my brinsea Eco egg incubator!

And now my six new macdonalds farm eggs!

 There now in the incubator so roll on the next 21 days!

marran,black arucana,black leghorn fatherd by anybof the seven cockrels running alongside their 75 hens!
welsumer,brabanter or marran or warren, fenton blue fatherd by any of the seven cockrels running along the 75 hens they keep

 A Incubator

We’ve orders a incubator!, it’s our new plan to hatch the chicks. I’ve checked under beyonce and five of the dummy eggs are under her so now we are going to put the six hatching eggs in a brinsea mini Eco  egg incubator. It holds ten eggs and is manual egg turning, we are collecting it tomorrow and the eggs are coming on Thursday!