Looking for birds

If you’ve looked at our of our pages you will know in the gutter I would like to breed numerous birds. I am trying to find breeders of these birds, if you breed or know a breeder of these breeds listed below leave a reply.

Large fowl

Blue partridge female brahma

Pyle female with blue in tail feathers brahma


Lemon Pyle female brahma

Blue partridge male brahma

Red Pyle female brahma

Red partridge Silkie male

Blue Mille fleur Pekin bantam girl

Pekin boy unsure on coulour 

Eco concept housing

We are also looking for houses to house our chickens

Three Bedford barns with runs or Stratford coops we are willing to pay £200 each

One nolfolk xl coop willing to pay £200

Bedford barn or

If you have either one of these please contact us as we are looking for three of them.

We are only looking for one of these nolfolk xl house so if you have one please contact us.

If you have any of the coops or birds listed please contact us 😀


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