More surprises 

Tonight I put the quail to bed as usual pushing them down to the house while Anne-Marie puts them in one by one… But something wasn’t usual. 

“Reed there’s a egg!”              

“No there isn’t” I replied thinking she was pulling my leg as I guided the last quail Down she opens up the house and there is was a golden egg; well not golden more amazing! Our first quail egg! A little oval egg the size of a pigeons but perfectly speckled on the earthy greeny browny shell. I got so excited that, I dropped it. So I ran inside to hard boil it along with the bantams first egg  for taste comparison. The quail egg was more delicate than the overwhelming creaminess of the bantams egg. Prepare for some egg photos!     



top chickens egg,middle the quails and bottom the bantams
So small! Just a little bit longer than a 10p and weighs 9 grams!   


left quails first egg boiled right bantams first egg boiled
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