All things chickens

So this week I haven’t uploaded many blogs it’s because I’ve been busy sorting out hens for instance we let our big girls roam the garden and we discovered Beyoncè and maisey have mite or lice eggs on their bottoms. Big clumps of small white balls clinging onto the tips of their feathers, so we took action! First we sprinkled mite powder on their bottoms back and under the wings also in their houses also powdered the quail and bantams and sprayed their houses. We were worried about scaly leg as the big girls legs looked dry so we dunked their feet in oil and tonight bathed maisey! Yes in our house up the stairs into the bathroom! 

   I used total mite kill powder by nettex on the birds and in their bedding and dust bathing areas. Then I used mole valley farmers poultry mite killer spray on the houses in the crevices.
On a happier note we have called the bantams Rose and Ivy!

Keeping chickens is fun and can be costly so to save £99 on omlet fencing I dicieded to make my own portable fencing for heavy breeds for £2 I collected 6 posts\pegs of of a Guinea pig run we barley use and put them in the ground and tied string top and bottom of the post. If it will work I don’t know why not keep tuned to find out 😊 



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