Chicken dreams

If you have chickens you realise that it’s very addictive your flock can go from three to five and even more if you have the space! Today I sketched a map of my dream garden where I can breed and raise poultry.

  It’s messy and very big I was inspired by Peggy’s pekins and nolfolk brahmas. I’d love to be able to keep cockerels and guniea fowl and o flock of 92 breeders and about 20 homebred growers and chicks along with turkeys,quail,pheasants,Guinea fowl and ducks.
  First a shed for feed and growers… 
 then some motteld, Isabella Colombian and blue/black/splash breeding pekins…

  Then at the bottom of the garden the laying hens splash Belles and blue Belles,tri star,patridge star,copper black,chalk hill blue,pearl andchesnut,duches blue,burford brown,old Cotswold legbars,red Wheaton Orpington and home bred welsumer X marran… 

 next door to the layers are the pheasants,Guinea fowl and quail… 

 going back along the other side of the garden the breeders Isabella, blue buff Colombian, blue partridge, lemon Pyle with red Pyle, blue silver and blue with black also splash brahmas then arucana X leghorn, blue silver birchen Orpington and  marran X welsumer,red partridge silkie bantams , gold top broods with Peggy’s pekins funny face broodys  
  And some blue laced wyndottes and Wheaton marran breeders maybe some blues! 
 finnaly a shed for turkeys and a pond for ducks and a broody ark.

Why not share with us your poultry dreams by leaving a comment 🙂 🙂


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