All about quail

    If you have read our about page you will know we keep quail. Six to be precise. The breed of quail we have are Japanese as they are the best egg breed and that’s why we keep them. We got our quail from Melton Mowbray market in February 2016 we didn’t have a bidding card but we managed to buy them for twelve pounds once the bidding stopped as no one had brought them. All our quail are females and because their Japanese we decided to call them Yoko,Tokyo,noodles,sushi,bonsia and kimono.

  We keep our quail in a long nearly three meter run. Inside the run we have a house,feeder and drinker,tunnel,dust bath thick clump of grass/plants.the house is about 6×5 enough room for them also all you need in the house is saw dust no perches,no nest boxes. This is because they are ground nesting birds they even may lay out side. The dust bath is just a tray that we used for stationary filled with buggie sand from wilkos :). The tunnel is a cardboard tunnel used for guniea pigs but it’s perfect for them to play with. We have a 2cm deep bowl for there water and a medium plastic feeder used for chickens that you can buy at pets at home, moles and a poultry farm.  We feed our quail on a quail feed from our local pet store S.A.P.S but you can buy online or find a pet store near you that sells their feed. We occasionally give our quail millet and sweet corn. Also inside the run are is a clump of thick grass to give them shelter. I will write a longer more detailed piece but that’s the basics to keeping quail:). Don’t forget to like us on Facebook “theurbanhens”

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts but for now why not check out our others 🙂



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