Our hens

So yesterday I dicieded I would write a post about different breeds we keep and kept to help people starting with poultry. So I will talk about the breed and experiences we’ve had with them. Then I will rate their egg laying capabilitys, health, prettiness in plumage and then friendliness. 

First we will start with the breeds we keep now: orpingtons, brahmas and pekins.

 please excuse the missing feathers on maiseys neck she has been moulting.
 We keep two large fowl orpingtons one black(maisey) and a buff Orpington (Beyoncè).both hens very inquisitive and friendly. Beyoncè has gone broody many times along with pepper but whilst not providing a broody coop or quality hatching eggs she hast hatched eggs yet. One of the biggest breeds they will rule the roost! I believe that maisey is top of the Pecking order but Beyoncè is vey territorial. Great pets if not wanting too many eggs but they still provide enough eggs for a family of five in the summer but we find ourselfs buying eggs in the winter.

Egg laying:*** good egg layers if not broody

Health:**** very healthy birds but can get dirty around the bottom area!

Prettiness:*****very pretty and come in a range of coulours

Friendliness:*****ours are friendly maisey will crouch down when you go to pick her up.

  We have a hen called pepper a sweet little dark brahma. Brahmas also meant to be one of the largest breeds in the world but pepper is quite small compared to the orpingtons maybe it’s becuse she’s bottom of the pecking order. Pepper is one of the most friendliest girls I’ve had apart from Shelly my first girl R.I.P pepper doesn’t mind being picked up and when she’s not being made a fuss of she’s our skating on her skate board! Brahmas are great if you love your plants because their feathers feet mean they can’t dig very well although this is not good if you keep them in a mud run where it can get muddy like ours. We some times find ourself so bathing pepper to wash mud balls of her feet. Like orpingtons brahmas are good egg layers in the summer if not broody but I find pepper is one of our best layers.

Egg laying:***great layers unless broody

Health:****healthy pepper did have respiratory disease but her eye cleared after drinking lots of water

Prettiness:*****very eye catching with her mixture of feather coulours and feathered feet with one little white feather:)

Freindliness:*****one of the most friendlinest birds I’ve had

 Our two cute Mille fleur pekins! We’ve only had them two days so I won’t give them a full rating but I just want to say how cute they are! And the fact they laid an egg within 24 hours of being here. Now that deserves a round of applause! Like pepper they have feathered feet so may need cleaning but great for small gardens also I don’t think they fly to well but iam not too sure.

Prettiness:*****the Mille fleur coulour meaning a thousand flowers is so pretty

And now for breeds we’ve kept. Please note we do not have photos for most of these so I tried my best to find Google photos of the breeds:) 

 warrens/goldlines/red sex link were our first chicken breed we ever had three of them.shelly the most most most friendliest chickens I’ve ever seen was our first hen. Goldlines are hybrids and are used in the egg industry they lay more eggs than pure breeds in 1-2years where as pure breeds will lay the same amount in 3-6years . Usually they love for around four years well Shelly lived roughly six!laying 300 eggs per year they are perfect for eggs but in their last years they can become egg bound but most hybrids are vaccinated against disease although this does not stop egg bound.

Egg laying:*****excelent large brown eggs

Health:****1/2 vaccinated but can become egg bound

Prettiness:****come in a range of Browns but no other coulour of goldlines

Friendliness:*****excelent great with kids even toddlers 

  We had a Maran cockerel we grew from a chick along with two other girls. Although living in urban town I chose him on purpose he was two weeks old and his comb was gigantic and I wanted one so bad!he never crowed but he squared loudly we put black out windows in that didn’t stop him,it happens with hens anyway! We weren’t to concern about noise it was he had to be dominant but Shelly was dominant so he fought her and I had poor Shelly in my bedroom with a bandage around her head. He had to go nobody treats my loyal Shelly like that! Iam happy to say he went to a free,free range farm with many girls and who knows he could be a old boy still roaming a round.

Egg laying:Unknown to us Bobby the cockerel didn’t lay eggs for some reason

Health:****not vaccinated but survived 

Handsomeness:***** a green shine to his dark black and red feathers

Friendliness:***i was a bit scared of him after he hurt my baby Shelly 

  Last but not least we also reared a female light Sussex(eggy) from a chick with Bobby and she turned out to be a flighty girl who soon died with a leg problem:(


Egg laying:**** mother of goldlines also used to create many more egg laying hybrids

Prettiness :****lovely columbian markings 


I hope this helps if you are trying to find wich breeds to keep or just I hope you enjoyed reading.thankyou for taking the time to read don’t forget to keep tuned for a quail blog! Why not like our page on face book “theurbanhens”

  Eggy (front) the light Sussex,bobby(back) the marran rooster and poppy (end) unknown breed.


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