First egg!

First eggs laid by your chickens are the best!arent they?! If you’ve only just started keeping  chickens you will soon experience the excitement when you open the nest box door to find a fresh little egg, better than Easter by far! Well today I went down to the coops to let them out and feed them(we haven’t let the new girls out yet,but we will get a run so the two groups can bond). Our older girls laid a egg so I popped it in my poker and carried on. I walked over to the hutch fed them and cleaned their water. Now usually it takes a couple of days or a week maybe more for younger pullets until they lay a egg because they have to settle in. But still I checked the dark corner of the hutch where I laid the straw I looked around and wow, our first bantam egg! They haven’t even been here for 24 hours yet! Clever girls. I picked up the delacaite little egg and ran down the pavement shouting “an egg their first egg!” Soon I shall have it for tea but now iam of down to the bottom of the garden and just to let you know we’ve called the darker bantam Rose! But it may change to fit her. 

 Don’t forget to help us name the lighter millefleur Pekin girl! Also why not check out our Facebook page called theurbanhens .


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