New hens – our first blog post

Already with a flock of 3 hens we set of to Melton cattle market in hope of bringing back a few hens.we had been to Melton before when we brought our six quail for only twelve pounds! So we knew it was a great market. We arrived at the rare breed sales not knowing where to look. I can’t believe how many chickens,ducks,geese,peacocks and rhea there was. We narrowed our list of what we liked down to a couple of hens(after two hours of looking and thinking). We wanted bantams as we could keep them in a rabbit hutch for a temporary home. But, what bantams! Such a selection I caught my eye on gold tops then wyndottes down the row was welsummers that lay Lovely rich chocolate eggs. And then in the corner two beautiful millefleur Pekin bantams. They were the ones! We stood next to their cage for a while until the bidding started, then it did. twenty pounds,twenty two,twenty eight,thirty, thirty five,fourty,going once…twice..fourty two pounds! And they were ours we paid at the office placed them in the card board box and took them home!

but what would Beyoncè, maisey and pepper think? Once we looked after a friends chickens we released them all into the run together but Beyoncè didn’t like it at all it looked like a cock fight! But we have learned and now we are gradually introducing them to each other at the moment they are happy in a hutch. The Chickens can talk through the mesh but Beyoncè is squarking and clucking but it’s early days. We will keep you updated. If you would like to know anything else leave a comment- also we need name ideas.



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