Broody Beyoncè 

Pure breeds especially brahmas,pekins,orpingtons and silkies. Every year Beyoncè goes broody sometimes pepper too. This year Beyoncè is broody!!! Really early in the season too!!! I think she herd me when I was at morrisons saying “if one of the hens goes broody can we hatch some eggs?” Then I came home to a grumpy faced Beyoncè on her three eggs she had laid. So when I was back down the town I got some Clarence court eggs from the supermarket. I know it’s from a farm where there aren’t any cockerels but a boy maneged to hatch a legbar egg from Clarence court and many people hatch Clarence court duck eggs. Also I love the legbars blue shells! My Nan was telling me how at a farm where her husband works they produce brown eggs on a large scale for supermarkets and within the many hens there was a cockerel roaming around there for a year as it wasn’t sexed at the hatchery.

clarence court legbar eggs

lovely blue shells
old cotswold legbar from clarence court

I hope to purchase some eggs from south Yeo farm too.

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Looking for birds

If you’ve looked at our of our pages you will know in the gutter I would like to breed numerous birds. I am trying to find breeders of these birds, if you breed or know a breeder of these breeds listed below leave a reply.

Large fowl

Blue partridge female brahma

Pyle female with blue in tail feathers brahma


Lemon Pyle female brahma

Blue partridge male brahma

Red Pyle female brahma

Red partridge Silkie male

Blue Mille fleur Pekin bantam girl

Pekin boy unsure on coulour 

Eco concept housing

We are also looking for houses to house our chickens

Three Bedford barns with runs or Stratford coops we are willing to pay £200 each

One nolfolk xl coop willing to pay £200

Bedford barn or

If you have either one of these please contact us as we are looking for three of them.

We are only looking for one of these nolfolk xl house so if you have one please contact us.

If you have any of the coops or birds listed please contact us 😀

More surprises 

Tonight I put the quail to bed as usual pushing them down to the house while Anne-Marie puts them in one by one… But something wasn’t usual. 

“Reed there’s a egg!”              

“No there isn’t” I replied thinking she was pulling my leg as I guided the last quail Down she opens up the house and there is was a golden egg; well not golden more amazing! Our first quail egg! A little oval egg the size of a pigeons but perfectly speckled on the earthy greeny browny shell. I got so excited that, I dropped it. So I ran inside to hard boil it along with the bantams first egg  for taste comparison. The quail egg was more delicate than the overwhelming creaminess of the bantams egg. Prepare for some egg photos!     



top chickens egg,middle the quails and bottom the bantams
So small! Just a little bit longer than a 10p and weighs 9 grams!   


left quails first egg boiled right bantams first egg boiled
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All things chickens

So this week I haven’t uploaded many blogs it’s because I’ve been busy sorting out hens for instance we let our big girls roam the garden and we discovered Beyoncè and maisey have mite or lice eggs on their bottoms. Big clumps of small white balls clinging onto the tips of their feathers, so we took action! First we sprinkled mite powder on their bottoms back and under the wings also in their houses also powdered the quail and bantams and sprayed their houses. We were worried about scaly leg as the big girls legs looked dry so we dunked their feet in oil and tonight bathed maisey! Yes in our house up the stairs into the bathroom! 

   I used total mite kill powder by nettex on the birds and in their bedding and dust bathing areas. Then I used mole valley farmers poultry mite killer spray on the houses in the crevices.
On a happier note we have called the bantams Rose and Ivy!

Keeping chickens is fun and can be costly so to save £99 on omlet fencing I dicieded to make my own portable fencing for heavy breeds for £2 I collected 6 posts\pegs of of a Guinea pig run we barley use and put them in the ground and tied string top and bottom of the post. If it will work I don’t know why not keep tuned to find out 😊 


Truly fresh, happy and delicious 

Our eggs are the best! And now the days are getting longer the girls are laying like mad! We’ve had 36 from our big girls this year so far and 4 within the couple of days of keeping our pekins! this means you will start to see our eggs for sale in Stamford as well as Thulby were I sell spare eggs at my grand mothers house as she keeps a flock of hens and has seen great demand of eggs in Thulby. Our “old English Orpington,pink and cream shells” are for sale at £1 for six and our “rare breed bantam, small peach eggs” are yet to be sold but will be possibly sold in fours! 


Chicken dreams

If you have chickens you realise that it’s very addictive your flock can go from three to five and even more if you have the space! Today I sketched a map of my dream garden where I can breed and raise poultry.

  It’s messy and very big I was inspired by Peggy’s pekins and nolfolk brahmas. I’d love to be able to keep cockerels and guniea fowl and o flock of 92 breeders and about 20 homebred growers and chicks along with turkeys,quail,pheasants,Guinea fowl and ducks.
  First a shed for feed and growers… 
 then some motteld, Isabella Colombian and blue/black/splash breeding pekins…

  Then at the bottom of the garden the laying hens splash Belles and blue Belles,tri star,patridge star,copper black,chalk hill blue,pearl andchesnut,duches blue,burford brown,old Cotswold legbars,red Wheaton Orpington and home bred welsumer X marran… 

 next door to the layers are the pheasants,Guinea fowl and quail… 

 going back along the other side of the garden the breeders Isabella, blue buff Colombian, blue partridge, lemon Pyle with red Pyle, blue silver and blue with black also splash brahmas then arucana X leghorn, blue silver birchen Orpington and  marran X welsumer,red partridge silkie bantams , gold top broods with Peggy’s pekins funny face broodys  
  And some blue laced wyndottes and Wheaton marran breeders maybe some blues! 
 finnaly a shed for turkeys and a pond for ducks and a broody ark.

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All about quail

    If you have read our about page you will know we keep quail. Six to be precise. The breed of quail we have are Japanese as they are the best egg breed and that’s why we keep them. We got our quail from Melton Mowbray market in February 2016 we didn’t have a bidding card but we managed to buy them for twelve pounds once the bidding stopped as no one had brought them. All our quail are females and because their Japanese we decided to call them Yoko,Tokyo,noodles,sushi,bonsia and kimono.

  We keep our quail in a long nearly three meter run. Inside the run we have a house,feeder and drinker,tunnel,dust bath thick clump of grass/plants.the house is about 6×5 enough room for them also all you need in the house is saw dust no perches,no nest boxes. This is because they are ground nesting birds they even may lay out side. The dust bath is just a tray that we used for stationary filled with buggie sand from wilkos :). The tunnel is a cardboard tunnel used for guniea pigs but it’s perfect for them to play with. We have a 2cm deep bowl for there water and a medium plastic feeder used for chickens that you can buy at pets at home, moles and a poultry farm.  We feed our quail on a quail feed from our local pet store S.A.P.S but you can buy online or find a pet store near you that sells their feed. We occasionally give our quail millet and sweet corn. Also inside the run are is a clump of thick grass to give them shelter. I will write a longer more detailed piece but that’s the basics to keeping quail:). Don’t forget to like us on Facebook “theurbanhens”

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Our hens

So yesterday I dicieded I would write a post about different breeds we keep and kept to help people starting with poultry. So I will talk about the breed and experiences we’ve had with them. Then I will rate their egg laying capabilitys, health, prettiness in plumage and then friendliness. 

First we will start with the breeds we keep now: orpingtons, brahmas and pekins.

 please excuse the missing feathers on maiseys neck she has been moulting.
 We keep two large fowl orpingtons one black(maisey) and a buff Orpington (Beyoncè).both hens very inquisitive and friendly. Beyoncè has gone broody many times along with pepper but whilst not providing a broody coop or quality hatching eggs she hast hatched eggs yet. One of the biggest breeds they will rule the roost! I believe that maisey is top of the Pecking order but Beyoncè is vey territorial. Great pets if not wanting too many eggs but they still provide enough eggs for a family of five in the summer but we find ourselfs buying eggs in the winter.

Egg laying:*** good egg layers if not broody

Health:**** very healthy birds but can get dirty around the bottom area!

Prettiness:*****very pretty and come in a range of coulours

Friendliness:*****ours are friendly maisey will crouch down when you go to pick her up.

  We have a hen called pepper a sweet little dark brahma. Brahmas also meant to be one of the largest breeds in the world but pepper is quite small compared to the orpingtons maybe it’s becuse she’s bottom of the pecking order. Pepper is one of the most friendliest girls I’ve had apart from Shelly my first girl R.I.P pepper doesn’t mind being picked up and when she’s not being made a fuss of she’s our skating on her skate board! Brahmas are great if you love your plants because their feathers feet mean they can’t dig very well although this is not good if you keep them in a mud run where it can get muddy like ours. We some times find ourself so bathing pepper to wash mud balls of her feet. Like orpingtons brahmas are good egg layers in the summer if not broody but I find pepper is one of our best layers.

Egg laying:***great layers unless broody

Health:****healthy pepper did have respiratory disease but her eye cleared after drinking lots of water

Prettiness:*****very eye catching with her mixture of feather coulours and feathered feet with one little white feather:)

Freindliness:*****one of the most friendlinest birds I’ve had

 Our two cute Mille fleur pekins! We’ve only had them two days so I won’t give them a full rating but I just want to say how cute they are! And the fact they laid an egg within 24 hours of being here. Now that deserves a round of applause! Like pepper they have feathered feet so may need cleaning but great for small gardens also I don’t think they fly to well but iam not too sure.

Prettiness:*****the Mille fleur coulour meaning a thousand flowers is so pretty

And now for breeds we’ve kept. Please note we do not have photos for most of these so I tried my best to find Google photos of the breeds:) 

 warrens/goldlines/red sex link were our first chicken breed we ever had three of them.shelly the most most most friendliest chickens I’ve ever seen was our first hen. Goldlines are hybrids and are used in the egg industry they lay more eggs than pure breeds in 1-2years where as pure breeds will lay the same amount in 3-6years . Usually they love for around four years well Shelly lived roughly six!laying 300 eggs per year they are perfect for eggs but in their last years they can become egg bound but most hybrids are vaccinated against disease although this does not stop egg bound.

Egg laying:*****excelent large brown eggs

Health:****1/2 vaccinated but can become egg bound

Prettiness:****come in a range of Browns but no other coulour of goldlines

Friendliness:*****excelent great with kids even toddlers 

  We had a Maran cockerel we grew from a chick along with two other girls. Although living in urban town I chose him on purpose he was two weeks old and his comb was gigantic and I wanted one so bad!he never crowed but he squared loudly we put black out windows in that didn’t stop him,it happens with hens anyway! We weren’t to concern about noise it was he had to be dominant but Shelly was dominant so he fought her and I had poor Shelly in my bedroom with a bandage around her head. He had to go nobody treats my loyal Shelly like that! Iam happy to say he went to a free,free range farm with many girls and who knows he could be a old boy still roaming a round.

Egg laying:Unknown to us Bobby the cockerel didn’t lay eggs for some reason

Health:****not vaccinated but survived 

Handsomeness:***** a green shine to his dark black and red feathers

Friendliness:***i was a bit scared of him after he hurt my baby Shelly 

  Last but not least we also reared a female light Sussex(eggy) from a chick with Bobby and she turned out to be a flighty girl who soon died with a leg problem:(


Egg laying:**** mother of goldlines also used to create many more egg laying hybrids

Prettiness :****lovely columbian markings 


I hope this helps if you are trying to find wich breeds to keep or just I hope you enjoyed reading.thankyou for taking the time to read don’t forget to keep tuned for a quail blog! Why not like our page on face book “theurbanhens”

  Eggy (front) the light Sussex,bobby(back) the marran rooster and poppy (end) unknown breed.

First egg!

First eggs laid by your chickens are the best!arent they?! If you’ve only just started keeping  chickens you will soon experience the excitement when you open the nest box door to find a fresh little egg, better than Easter by far! Well today I went down to the coops to let them out and feed them(we haven’t let the new girls out yet,but we will get a run so the two groups can bond). Our older girls laid a egg so I popped it in my poker and carried on. I walked over to the hutch fed them and cleaned their water. Now usually it takes a couple of days or a week maybe more for younger pullets until they lay a egg because they have to settle in. But still I checked the dark corner of the hutch where I laid the straw I looked around and wow, our first bantam egg! They haven’t even been here for 24 hours yet! Clever girls. I picked up the delacaite little egg and ran down the pavement shouting “an egg their first egg!” Soon I shall have it for tea but now iam of down to the bottom of the garden and just to let you know we’ve called the darker bantam Rose! But it may change to fit her. 

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