Broody Beyoncè 

Pure breeds especially brahmas,pekins,orpingtons and silkies. Every year Beyoncè goes broody sometimes pepper too. This year Beyoncè is broody!!! Really early in the season too!!! I think she herd me when I was at morrisons saying "if one of the hens goes broody can we hatch some eggs?" Then I came home to a grumpy …

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Looking for birds

If you've looked at our of our pages you will know in the gutter I would like to breed numerous birds. I am trying to find breeders of these birds, if you breed or know a breeder of these breeds listed below leave a reply. Large fowl Blue partridge female brahma Pyle female with blue …

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Our hens

So yesterday I dicieded I would write a post about different breeds we keep and kept to help people starting with poultry. So I will talk about the breed and experiences we've had with them. Then I will rate their egg laying capabilitys, health, prettiness in plumage and then friendliness.  First we will start with …

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