Broody Beyoncè 

Pure breeds especially brahmas,pekins,orpingtons and silkies. Every year Beyoncè goes broody sometimes pepper too. This year Beyoncè is broody!!! Really early in the season too!!! I think she herd me when I was at morrisons saying "if one of the hens goes broody can we hatch some eggs?" Then I came home to a grumpy …

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Looking for birds

If you've looked at our of our pages you will know in the gutter I would like to breed numerous birds. I am trying to find breeders of these birds, if you breed or know a breeder of these breeds listed below leave a reply. Large fowl Blue partridge female brahma Pyle female with blue …

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theurbanhens does Facebook!

If you've noticed we've been leaving little reminders to go and check out our face book page. Recently we've uploaded a video on keeping hens, so even more of a reason to go and check it out. Our face book page is called theurbanhens .


More surprises 

Tonight I put the quail to bed as usual pushing them down to the house while Anne-Marie puts them in one by one... But something wasn't usual.  "Reed there's a egg!"               "No there isn't" I replied thinking she was pulling my leg as I guided the last quail …

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All things chickens

So this week I haven't uploaded many blogs it's because I've been busy sorting out hens for instance we let our big girls roam the garden and we discovered Beyoncè and maisey have mite or lice eggs on their bottoms. Big clumps of small white balls clinging onto the tips of their feathers, so we …

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Truly fresh, happy and delicious 

Our eggs are the best! And now the days are getting longer the girls are laying like mad! We've had 36 from our big girls this year so far and 4 within the couple of days of keeping our pekins! this means you will start to see our eggs for sale in Stamford as well …

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Chicken dreams

If you have chickens you realise that it's very addictive your flock can go from three to five and even more if you have the space! Today I sketched a map of my dream garden where I can breed and raise poultry.   It's messy and very big I was inspired by Peggy's pekins and nolfolk …

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All about quail

    If you have read our about page you will know we keep quail. Six to be precise. The breed of quail we have are Japanese as they are the best egg breed and that's why we keep them. We got our quail from Melton Mowbray market in February 2016 we didn't have a bidding …

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Our hens

So yesterday I dicieded I would write a post about different breeds we keep and kept to help people starting with poultry. So I will talk about the breed and experiences we've had with them. Then I will rate their egg laying capabilitys, health, prettiness in plumage and then friendliness.  First we will start with …

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First egg!

First eggs laid by your chickens are the best!arent they?! If you've only just started keeping  chickens you will soon experience the excitement when you open the nest box door to find a fresh little egg, better than Easter by far! Well today I went down to the coops to let them out and feed …

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